Christian Hand is a non- for-profit organization founded in 1998 to provide physical emotional spiritual financial and educational

help to the poor in Haiti. It is recognized by the state ofNewYork(ID#TF2371430) as well as the federal government (ID # 76-0840668) since 2006.

We make bi-annual trips to Haiti with volunteers and missionaries to provide the care. Our provisions include:

(1) Scholarship to promote better education for the children in Haiti.

We pay the monthly tuition, registration fees, and books at the beginning of the school year. Our students are selected based on their inability to pay for the school, their potential and desire to learn, and a written essay stating their plan for the future. We

select students both in Port-au-Prince and in the country side of Haiti.
(2) Yearly physical examination, assessment and treatment in our station in Camp Perrin, a rural area of the south of Haiti. Some of our clients have never been examined by a physician before. New diagnosis of diabetes, hypertension, and infection are either treated with the provision of free medications or referral on our fund to the local hospital for treatment. We have a large clientele with arthritis, post stroke, hypertension, diabetes, vaginal infection, common cold, rash, ulcers, malnutrition, etc…to name a few. At the end of our

stay, we donate the rest of our medication to the local Hospital.
(3) Nutritious meals to our clients during our stay.

We hire some of them to cook and we provide meals and snacks to both adults and children present. At the end of our stay we distribute the rest of the uncooked food to the neighboring poor people.

(4) Clothing and shoes. We make a thrift shop

which we call the boutique. There our clients have the possibility to go and choose shoes and clothing that would fit them and get them for free.
(5) Toys for the kids. One of our stations is designated to the giving

of toys to the less fortunate children. The children visit that station and choose one toy that is age appropriate for them. (6) The Gospel. An evangelical pastor travels with us, talks, teaches, counsels and prays with the people. We donate Bibles as needed. We also express the love of Christ by our actions. We are sensitive to their knowledge, level of understanding and their needs.

Our goal in the near future is to provide that kind of service in different areas of Haiti.

(7) A new plan. A special care for the elderly was our utmost desire prior to

the earthquake of January 12th, 2010. We realize that eldercare is an industry that is not recognized as yet in Haiti.

The demand is crucial as life expectancy is longer and the need for help physically, emotionally and psychologically become eminent.

Organizations that help third world country usually focus on youth education, orphanage for the motherless, and health care. Eldercare is usually neglected by the government and by overseas charitable organizations. After January 12th 2010, we were sadly amazed by the number of children that were left lost in the streets without parents, left in the

hospital after birth, or with parents that have no means to provide for them. A new vision arises from our experience in Haiti. We could not and will not stay inactive. We decided to take in some of these children into our care. After Hurricane Matthew in October 2017, we went to Haiti to help in providing grocery to those affected by the great famine. The desire extends to a food bank or free food pantry that would help those that are hungry and cannot afford food.

The birth of our new desire which would incorporate the nursing home, a senior center, a post disaster shelter, and a food pantry arises.

The land is available next to our base in the south of Haiti. Once the funding for construction is available, we will take the initiative into that great project.

The Caring Home has identified an opportunity for offering quality services to mainly elderly and also people of all ages in Haiti and aboard that fits the criteria and who are in need of theses services.

The Caring Home requires a substantial amount of funding. The funds will be used for building and improvements, required equipment, furniture and fixtures, and working capital for the initial operation of the Business.

Legal Business Description
The caring home will be structured as part of Christian Hand “The Leoda Jusma Foundation”, a non-for- profit organization that reaches the poor of Haiti.

The address is 8 village Hill Drive, Dix Hills, NY 11746.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Caring Home is as the mission of Christian Hand to provide humanitarian care to people of all ages in Haiti with dignity, sensitivity, and compassion. We view to magnify the Lord Jesus Christ by doing His

work of ministering through works of service.

Products & Services

The Caring Home will provide high quality services depending on needs. The services will feature:

Room and board if needed
Daily devotion Breakfast Schooling (for our children)

Inside and outside activities (physical activities, exercises, table games, crocheting, gardening, swimming, etc…)

Inside and outside activities
After school activities (for our children, such as extra

help and homework) Dinner

Trips to the countryside depending on physical condition of client
Trips to church depending on physical condition of client

Physical examination at least once a year Medical check ups every three months

Trip to the hospital as needed

The center will provide an environment that is safe and comfortable. It will ensure an environment that promotes positive self-esteem.

Market Environment

The target market will be

mainly elderly from the age of 65 residing in Haiti and abroard with the desire to go live in Haiti. The children already enrolled and more needy children depending on funding and sponsorship. Food, clothing and medicine for all in need as long as we have available. The land, available for building construction, is located in town of Camp- Perrin, commune of Cayes, Haiti.
A competitive search returned only one existing not-for-profit eldercare center in Haiti and not one of such a shelter center.

Facilities & Operations

The caring home will be located in an open land right on the main road

from the city Cayes to the town camp-Perrin, Haiti.

To start, we plan to accommodate twenty five elderly residents in private and semi-private room and private bathroom.

There will be also two communal rooms, one for girls and the other for boys. There will be at least two lounges, a chapel, a library, the food pantry, a treatment room and operational offices.

The center will have inside and outside sport activities with a fully equipped gymnasium. The center will be publicized in local newspapers and radio stations in Haiti and in the Haitian communities in the United States. It will also be featured in our

newsletters, Facebook page and website.
The center will meet all Haitian government regulations and will conform to and comply with all registrations, inspections, codes and ordinances. The center will follow all guidelines as set forth by the Haitian government

The center will operate twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, all year long. The number of employees required to fulfill all of the roles needed to run the operation effectively and efficiently will be determined by the number of client enrolled in the center. . Additional employees will be hired as needed to promote the

growth of the center. The board members of Christian Hand will have full management responsibility and may hire additional management to assist with daily operations as the center requires.

Marketing & Sales Strategy
The Caring Home center has identified an opportunity for offering quality care to both elderly and children who are in need of these services. There is no significant level of competition with the type of services we plan to provide.
The focus of marketing and sales plan will therefore be on defining

the appropriate strategy for the successful introduction of eldercare services to the community.

*Establish and increase public awareness of the eldercare Business. *Create an image of professionalism, high standards, safety and

Comfort for the center. *Establish a positive word of mouth.

Pricing Strategy

The children are and will be open for sponsorship. The Eldercare will employ flexible pricing options for their customers. As it is a not-for-profit business, the Eldercare Business

will be able to sustain its budget, maintain the center, pay its staff, and provide emergency services and post- disaster care. It will also help expending, with a percentage of its income, the work that we are doing now for the poor and starting new projects such as secondary charitable food pantries and emergency shelters.


The caring home overall promotional strategy may encompass both traditional and Internet based advertising; periodic advertisements in local newspapers and radio, website, informational brochures

and flyers, word of mouth.

Management and Ownership

The Caring Home will be structured under the umbrella of Christian Hand “The Leoda Jusma Foundation” with Dr. Francoise D. Jusma as president and co-founder of the foundation, located at 8 Village Hill Drive, Dix Hills, NY 11746.

At inception and in the early stages, The Board members of Christian Hand will be responsible for overseeing both the general management and daily operations of the Center. The Board members will oversee the staff that will assist with

the care of the children and the elderly.
As the Center grows a manager may be brought in to oversee daily operations, but the board member of Christian Hand will still remain in charge.

Dr. Francoise Jusma is a podiatrist with extensive experiences in nursing.

She possesses her bachelor in nursing where her favorite subject was gerontology. There she nurtured the desire to care for the elderly by working in geriatric nursing prior to her podiatric career. At present, she still works with the elderly in The Geriatric foot clinic and in The Diabetic foot clinic at Woodhull Hospital in

Brooklyn, NY, USA.
Mrs. Marie-May Denis has experience in Nursing Home operation.
Mrs. Aliette Compere has experience in Human resourses and social services; she has personally cared for her 9 year old Alzheimer father in her own home.
Mrs. Therese Wiley has extensive experience in child care and the welfare of young children.
Mr. Paul Compere and Mr. Ludin Pierre both have experience with financial operations.
Mrs. Marie Pierre has experience with business administration.
Those above names comprise some of the board members of Christian Hand.


Position Annual

Administrators Prevailing market wage
On call Physician Prevailing market wage Nursing staff Prevailing market wage

General help Prevailing market wage
Cooks Prevailing market wage

Housekeepers Prevailing market wage Bookkeeper Prevailing market wage

Secretary Prevailing market wage

Capital Requested

To make the caring home center a reality, we first need to build the center to fit our need and that will require a large amount of funding.

Funding will give us a stepping stool for building, improvement, equipment, furniture, fixtures, and a working capital for the initial operation of the Center.


Any donations toward partnering with the Christian Hand Foundation would be helpful therefore we are requesting a grant of any amount to help building and operating that kind of center in Haiti.


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