Christian Hand is a non-for-profit Christian organization founded in 1998 to provide physical emotional spiritual financial and educational help to the poor in Haiti. It is recognized by the state of New York as well as the federal government since 2006.

We make bi-annual trips to Haiti with volunteers and missionaries to provide the care. Our provisions include:

    1. The Gospel. An evangelical pastor travels with us, talk, teach, counsel and pray with the people. We donate Bibles as needed. We also express the love of Christ by our actions. We are sensitive to their knowledge, level of understanding and their needs.
    2. Bi-annual physical examination, assessment and treatment in our station in Camp Perrin, a rural area of Cayes in the south of Haiti. Some of our clients have never been examined by a physician before. New diagnosis of diabetes, hypertension, and infection are either treated with the provision of free medications or referral on our fund to the local hospital for treatment. We have a large clientele with arthritis, post stroke, hypertension, diabetes, vaginal infection, common cold, rash, ulcers, diarrhea, malnutrition, etc…to name a few. At the end of our stay, we donate the rest of our medication to the local Hospital.
    3. Clothing and shoes. We make a thrift shop which we call “The Boutique” there our client have the opportunity to go choose shoes and clothing that would fit them and get them for free.
    4. Toys for the kids. One of our stations is designated to the giving of toys to the less fortunate children. The children visit that station and choose one toy that is age appropriate for them.
    5. Scholarship to promote better education for the children in Haiti. We pay the monthly tuition, registration fees, and books at the beginning of the school year. Our students are selected based on their inability to pay for the school, their potential and desire to learn, and a written essay stating their plan for the future. We select student both in Port-au-Prince and in the country side of Haiti.
    6. Day Camp: our camp allows children from 3 years of age to 15 a time to be and act like kids where we play with them; we teach them the alphabet, math, art, dance and The Word of GOD.
    7. Nutritious meals to the children and some adults during our stay. We hire some of them to cook and provide meals and snacks to both adults and children present. At the end of our stay we distribute the rest of the uncooked food to the neighboring poor people.

On daily basis, we provide medical care for about 300 people; we provide nutritious meal for about 600 to 700 people including children and adults.  There are about 300 children registered for our day camp. And many others just hang around receiving whatever we are giving.  It is very difficult to control the crowd and sometimes it is even harder to control who are in or out of the property.

The property is about 4 acres of open land without a fence.  That causes some safety concerns for our volunteers.  We cannot control the ins and out because even though we have a front gate but we barricade with flowers and plants which people just push to the side to get entry.  Our next project is to fence the entire property with mason blocks with a separate entrance to work area.

An estimate of $20,000.00 will be needed to fence the property. Our God is a faithful GOD who always provide for His people. HE never fails nor forsakes us. The work of Christian Hand is a testimony of the faithfulness of GOD altogether so we are not afraid to advance and make plans for HIS work in Haiti as he leads us even when with our own physical eyes we don’t see where the money will come. We will continue to trust HIM.


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