Christian Hand Spring 2021

It is imperative that you go calmly knowing that GOD will take care of you when HE send you.
When we left Haiti last December, we knew we had to return for our Spring trip to finish work started then. Then GOD made it clear to us that We have to go.

Every Haitian news media was reporting the worst that was going on in Haiti. Every day political protestations and everyday kidnappings and killings. We were concerned but not worried knowing GOD was sending us and will take care of us. At peace, knowing it was His plan. A woman of prayer called and encouraged us and reassured us that sometimes GOD sent group and at other times HE sent one individual. We refused to subdue to the negativity in our mind nor from others trying to discourage us from going as we only listened to GOD.

HE calmed every waves in Haiti during the week we were there. We heard of no killing and no protest during our week. We were able to finish the renovation and reopened the well to provide clean water to the community.

We are back home safely; we thank GOD. HE was, is and will remain forever faithful.