Christian Hand August 2021

We are back from Haiti. On Saturday August 14 there was an earthquake of a magnitude of 7.5 that hit my hometown “Les Cayes”. We thank GOD for the Spirit of obedience that the chosen volunteers displayed when called for His service. We thank GOD for providing for the need of His people in Haiti using angels like you all to pray, encourage, support, and donate. Christian Hand will forever be grateful. I was embarrassed to ask again thinking you would be tired of hearing Haiti again but You were all there with me even without asking.

Day one we had a clinic session in the Christian Hand yard then on our following days we moved from town to town where the situation was worst in the Camp Perrin regions of Lamatiniere, Bananier, Pereny, Saut Maturine, Massé, Mersan… providing health care and food to the sick and the injured.
It seems so little since the need is so great, but they were so appreciative of our action and our demonstration of GOD’s love.

We were full of joy and thanksgiving to witness our scholars in nursing school working side by side with us giving back to their community. We also have two Haitian doctors joining our team.

Once again and always we want to thank you as you are the hands and feet of Christian Hand

Always in CHRIST,
Francoise Jusma-Pierre
For Christian Hand